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Swimming Pool

What is a bond?

The bond is a one-time purchase.  Once you are a bonded member, you are responsible only for the seasonal fees. 

There are many perks to becoming a bonded member:

  • As part owner of our bonded member owned club, you’re investing in real estate!

  • Bonded members having voting privileges.  If you feel our club could be run better, let your voice be heard!

  • Events and birthday parties are available to members at deep discounts compared to other swimming facilities

  • Pick your spot early!  Bonded members who have paid their dues in full, will have access to the club earlier on opening day to set up your spot for the season!

  • Invest in your future, keep the kids healthy and active in the summer!

Can a bond be paid on an installment plan?

Yes! Contact membership to work out terms. Once the bond is paid in full, you become a bonded member with all the advantages of bonded membership.


What other amenities does the Swim Club offer?

  • Three pools including a diving well

  • Snack stand

  • Basketball Court

  • Tennis Court

  • Soccer practice field

  • Horseshoe Pit

  • Certified lifeguards on duty at all times

  • Picnic tables and umbrellas

  • Gas grill for member use

  • Rental of facilities for parties or large groups

  • Indoor Party Room


Do you have to be a member to host a party at the Swim Club?

Yes. Since we are a private pool, we are only allowing events by members only.

Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! Please like and share!

Who operates the pool?

The Swim Club has a manager, assistant manager and lifeguards on staff to manage day to day operations during the season. All other activities throughout the year, including opening and closing the pool, is managed by the Board.

What is the Board?

The Board is an elected group of bonded members who are responsible for Swim Club oversight. We have several different subcommittees, including Operations, Communications, and Membership. Any bonded membership is eligible for a Board seat. The Board holds 12 individuals. Board members are volunteers. We are always looking for help, please attend any of our open Board meetings, posted to the website calendar and our Facebook page.

What are the rules for the Swim Club? Where are they posted?

The rules for 2022 are posted on the website, here, and also posted outside of the restrooms and near the office.

When are dues to be paid prior to the season?

We encourage members to pay their dues as early as possible by offering an incentive. If dues are paid between October 1 and March 15 for the next year, 5 free guest passes will be issued. Membership dues are to be paid prior to May 1. We are willing to work with members individually to structure payment plans.

What about guest passes?

We offer two guest pass options:

  1. Guest passes can be purchased through the membership portal. Guests must enter with member and leave when member leaves. Guest passes are only good for one season and are not transferable.

  2. A Wild Card. A Wild Card is a seasonal pass allowing one guest per day when a member of your family is present. This pass costs $100 for the season. We also offer a nanny pass for the same price, which allows one babysitter entry for the season without living in your household.

Is the club open to the public?

The swim club is a private club. Guests are only allowed admission with a member in good standing.





Frequently Asked Questions

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